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Making Beautiful Music

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Making Beautiful Music

Research shows that making beautiful music together provides our children with experiences to discover and develop a love of music whilst improving their memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability. Mater Dei Early Childhood Education (MDECE) educators agree that incorporating music into daily routines and play in the early years has a positive influence on every child’s early development.

As music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain (logical and creative), it helps build important brain connections. Most importantly though, music is fun and if our children are having fun, their brain is open to learning.

Children in Mater Dei Preschool, Learn to Play Groups and Play to Learn Groups are all participating in The Music Train experience with Miss Eva who brings her guitar and trolley filled with percussion instruments to the MDECE rooms several times each week. Our children excitedly line-up to move to the music room where they share opportunities to extend their skills with creativity, imagination, interpretation, socialising, sharing, turn-taking, movement, coordination, listening, following cues, literacy and numeracy skills and all of this while simply having fun!