All Mater Dei sites, including Mater Dei School, Mater Dei Early Childhood Education, and NextPath (Camden and Narellan) will be CLOSED Friday 8 April, due to continued road closures and poor weather conditions.

We hope all of our communities remain safe during this time.

Who we are

Mater Dei Early Childhood Education (MDECE) offers centre-based early childhood education programs for babies and toddlers with developmental delay and/or disability and all children from birth to their transition to School at 6 years of age including children who have been assessed with profound, severe, moderate or mild developmental delay and/or disability.

We provide a strong person-centred, family-focused approach in which educators work with parents, carers, guardians, advocates and professionals to collaboratively determine and implement each child’s realistic, achievable short-term outcomes and, in turn, the child’s medium-term and long-term outcomes.

Mater Dei Preschool has been rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard.